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Is your sofa or chair starting to feel uncomfortable.......

We have a large selection of replacement cushion insert samples which we can deliver to your home for you to try. Everyone has differing tastes and needs when it comes to seating and we have found that giving our customers the chance to try different solutions really works.

Our samples include-

  • Foam- which comes in a variety of firmness. It can also be layered to provide a differing amount of support and comfort. It generally gives a more modern and square look.

  • Hollow Fibre- this is a synthetic polyester stuffing similar to most scatter cushions, perfect to those who are allergic to feather. 

  • Quallofil- a deluxe version of hollow fibre inserts, with a foam core and less need for regular plumping.

  • Fibre wrapped foam- this is a polyester fibre stuffing sandwiching a complete core of foam. It is ideal when more support is needed but with the need for minimal plumping. It also gives a more domed traditional shape. 

  • Feather- a complete filling of duck feather giving that very traditional look and feel. Regular plumping and turning are required to maintain its shape. 

  • Feather wrapped foam- duck feather sandwiching a complete core of foam. This is ideal when a traditional look is required but more support is needed and it also requires very little plumping.

  • Feather topped foam- similar to the above but it is only topped on one side making it ideal for benches and seats where a flat bottom is required.

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